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Traps & Feed Stations

Traps & Feed Stations

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We stock a number of rodent feeding stations & mole traps;

Rodent bait stations suitable for all environments.

A robust and fully secure rodent bait station that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. B.O.R.A comes complete with 2C click fast bait rods and 2X detachable bait trays. The dome shape allows a lot of room for rodents to feed comfortably upright. The design also allows for maximum run-off of rainwater.

  • Tamper Proof
  • Robust
  • Water resistant
  • 2X detachable bait trays
  • 2X click fast baiting rods
  • 1X wall fixing bracket
  • Same securing key as B.E.T.A
  • Lid springs to aid easy opening


Rodent bait stations suitable for all environments.

A proven rodent bait station. This robust and fully secured bait station is ideal for internal and external use. The product is innovatively designed and manufactured to work in all environments. The B.E.T.A station is available with bait tray, securing rod and back plate all fully inclusive in the price.

  • Tamper resistant
  • Robust
  • Water resistant
  • Supplied with detachable bait tray to protect bait from contamination
  • Supplied with click fast baiting rod
  • Supplied with wall fixing bracket
  • Same securing Key as BORA bait station
  • Lid springs to aid easy opening


This tamper proof bait station has been specially designed to fit and secure most bait blocks.

Manufactured with unique baiting pins ensures that paste bait sachets are secured effectively and cannot be pulled out of the box. As paste bait sachets are now one of the most used rodenticides on the market the Lodi mouse bait station provides an exceptional system which ensures that the bait is firmly secured in place.

  • Tamper resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Lodi key
  • Fits most bait blocks

Mole Claw Scissor Trap

This new and more powerful design of the professional mole claw trap will help you on your way to a mole-hill free lawn without the use of poisons. Suitable for all weather conditions, this mole trap is fast and effective and has an extra strong and durable spring, meaning this trap can be used time and time again. This trap is also very easy to install.


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